Whether anime or live action, the process always starts with development. Our world is full of inspiring ideas and episodes from which a great story could blossom, and countless novels and manga works are waiting to be discovered. We go out and find those gemstones, and throw the first switch that gets the ball rolling. Building a team of creative talents, studios, and business partners is also an important part in the development of a title. Finding such counterparts, and interacting and coordinating with them toward a shared goal is not always an easy process, but it’s a very exciting one; it is where our greatest strength lies.

    We work with various animation studios in the actual production, overseeing the process and managing the timeline and costs until completion while ensuring that the creative goals of the producers, directors, etc. are achieved in a suitable work environment. We are involved in every process, including the selection of key staff and cast, approval of the script, storyboard, key frames, color schemes, production of soundtrack, voice-over, and sound effects, and editing. Balancing the cost and schedule with the creative quality of the project is the most delicate yet important aspect of this phase.

    Once a title is completed, the next step is to build a fan base. It starts with identifying the core attraction of the work, and then determining when and how to showcase it to whom, to bring out its best. We go over this process over and over, analyzing the results, fine-tuning the operation, and reimplementing it to maximize the fan base and make the title a hit. It’s like a call-and-and response interaction with our audience, from which we rediscover new aspects of our own work or find inspirations for future projects.

    IP management is the monetization or commercial exploitation of the content, a key element in expanding the potential of the title within the current business environment. We offer normal rights and licensing management services, and also original projects that maximize the appeal of the property. Unique property-inspired events such as the “Patlabor Juku (Academy)” held in collaboration with business partners and themed exhibitions are effective means of creating touchpoints with the fans and offering an experience that extends beyond the title/product itself.

    Genco’s overseas business activities extend beyond the normal broadcast syndication, and encompass collaboration with foreign creative talents and businesses. The chemistry of inspirations from different cultures spawns new ideas and concepts that lead to yet another project. We cherish and thrive on these creative interactions and diversity of mindsets that have made Japanese anime such a unique and globally-established branch of art. We always have the global audience in our sights.


Business Model