In a country not brimming with creators, great works cannot be conceived.
Unchallenging contents cannot give birth to outstanding dreams.

Discover hidden talent. Develop the right plan. Precise just the right funds. Collect the best results.
GENCO, a Producer Collective that converts the ever-longing dream of making movies into reality.

By defying conventional wisdom within the audiovisual industry with a “contents first” policy,
we’ve been able to create world wide animated hits.
Far from the fear of failure, we strive to keep moving forward until we reach success.

So while shaking off the trammels of conventionalism,we give our everything to produce good content.
Anyone may have access to the know-how, but the point is whether one acts or not.
For only those who keep defying challenges are the ones that can make never-before-seen dreams come true.


Company Name GENCO, Inc.
Address 6-7-10 4F, Roppongi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 106-0032
Telephone +81-3-5410-9944
Established March, 1997
Capital 21,250,000 JPY
Representative Maki Taro, President