About the handling of personal information:

When receiving personal information, it will be used only for the specific purpose detailed at the moment of gathering it. Meaning whenever personal information is requested, such purpose will be clearly explained beforehand.
Without the proper consent, no personal information shall be disclosed to any third party.
According to personal information handling standards, an administration officer will be in charge of keeping it safe. At the same time, when disposing of any personal information, all possible safety measures will be observed.
In case of a request to disclose or modify personal information, we will abide to the existing rules and regulations to comply adequately. When making such request, please consider the fact that we will require documents to confirm the person’s identity and this process may incur in actual expenses.
This site and every official site of works produced by GENCO Inc. (henceforth known as “Our Sites”) make use of “Google Analytics” (provided by Google Inc.) as an access analysis tool in order to improve service quality. Our Sites gather data using “Cookies” via Google Analytics. Such data is collected anonymously and is used in order to analyze user attributes and interests, however no personal identification is performed whatsoever.
Also, some of Our Sites utilize Google Analytics’ Ad-oriented capability known as the “User Distribution and Interest Category Report”. When such ad-oriented capabilities are used, third party operators, including Google Inc., may record site access data using “Google Ad Cookies” and/or “Anonymous IDs”, and based on the user’s attributes and interests in order to provide the most appropriate advertisements for the user. In the same manner, this usage does not perform any personal identification.
Furthermore, should Cookie usage be disabled from the browser set-up or “Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on” be utilized, these capabilities can be disabled. However, please be aware that some of the Sites’ capabilities may also be disabled as a result.
Regarding personal information, we will continue to review and improve our handling system.
  • *In case of a governmental request, the above procedures may vary accordingly.